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Whale Shark, White Socks and some more Impressions of the latest tours

Fun Group on Blue Waves
one of the fun groups on Blue Waves

Just returning from an incredible tour with a whale shark, Blue Waves wants to take the time here to let all its fans know of what has been happening since its last stop in the diary.


Well the Blue Waves has got to enjoy some really fun tours including Tec Divers at Brothers and the Photo Workshop tours. The artists will soon enlighten us with their talents in an upcoming post.


The most recent tour with the marine biologist, Brian, had an incredible tour from start to finish. Along with the seminars about the sea and all its creatures were some fun dives aplenty. The motto for the week changed almost after every dive, but the white socks dance could not be left out in the end. Starting already on the second day they were greeted underwater by 15 dolphins and then on the next by tiny glass shrimps. Turtles and many baby triggers and a not to be forgotten sight of juvenile 3cm Emperor Angelfishes. But the greatest and best sighting of all was definitely the whale shark.

WHAT A TOUR!!! See some photos here:http://www.bluewaves.ch/photos/whale-shark-and-july-august-impressions/

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