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Erich Ritter and other Shark Tales

Oh how true that title can be. As everyone onboard learned from the famous shark researcher that the tales are what unfortunately give sharks their bad reputation. Erich Ritter's week long of seminars presented all about the instinct and body language as to how the game is played between sharks and humans. The shark expert motivates all who hear him speak to see sharks in a new light. Telling all onboard how to behave around sharks and what to look for in their behaviour and in the sharks, that tells of his intent. His great talks and inspiring passion for his work with sharks makes him a definite friend of Blue Waves. Rest assured we will support his work and try our best to get his message across to as many as possible. Be sure to check out his site and research centre in the Bahamas: www.sharkschool.com

Check out also a few pictures of the tour here.

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