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Chris discovers with Blue Waves the beauty of the North

In the beginning and still even now, most tours requested are south tours. Much of the north tours I knew little about, except that about Daily-Boats around Hurghada and this I wanted to avoid. Truly there are many spots where the Daily-Boats and safari boats put up the diver -down flag, but I must say that the north really impressed me with some great sites and wrecks, such as the Thistlegorm or the Giannis D. Here both wrecks are astonishing not just for the stories can tell but for the variety of fish and coral that have taken up refuge upon their hulls. Not to mention Ras Mohammad with its breath-taking view above sea level and heart stopping plunge of a cliff-face below sea level, definitely a spot on your not to miss list. The fun ride between the many beautiful islands and the Hurghada harbor which serves as an entrance to the Egyptian city-life starts and ends north tours with an adventure. This year we will be from time to time in the north, July and August most certainly, and next year more often now.


Once again here are a few pictures from our past tours in April and May with incredible dives, fun and great guests sharing the typical life aboard Blue Waves. Link to the pictures >>>

New was that along with Blue Waves another boat, M/Y Liberty, chartered by us was side-by-side accompanying us the entire week.   As I was on board Liberty it was an exciting moment to watch my Blue Waves from another perspective and watch her glide through the water from a distance, actually a new and strange feeling. In the Picture Gallery are many pictures capturing these moments.


Also in the gallery are many pictures from our friend Sandro Krawinkler (www.divecorner.ch). He accompanied his guests on the full-charter on April 15th. It was a fun experience with great divers.


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