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Bonding Gaps with Salt

Family in the Red Sea
Family in the Red Sea

On a recent tour, planned since over a year, aboard Blue Waves families from three different directions and cultures bonding on the Red Sea. The Blue Waves family welcomed their owner’s family (from Switzerland) and her husband’s family (from USA) with big smiles and open arms; truly a warm welcome.

Everyone helped everyone with snorkeling, card playing and chess to fill the days during sun light on and sun light off.

Blue Waves headed out to Sataya for planned days of seeing and playing with dolphins. All thought, as nature can be, chances might be on our side to see them play and glide gracefully. It didn’t take long until we saw them and could watch them play. It is quite a sight to watch these creatures play with each other and then snorkel up near them to watch in the natural environment. Blue Waves headed then over to Syul Island and did some fun snorkeling. Then we left for Wadi Gemal (Bird Island) and almost couldn’t sleep long in the early morning from the sound of all the birds; so much for the quiet sea. The snorkeling and diving was great here.

Between diving, snorkeling, eating, playing cards and partying and not to mention the walk in the sand all seemed to go by so fast even though we spent six days at sea. We now had to slowly get back to port and TVs (the World Cup) and the real world for us sea-lovers was back under our feet.

See here a few photo impressions >>>


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