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Dolphinarium in Hurghada and our thougts

dolphins in the wild

Many of you may have already heard that a dolphinarium is planed in Hurghada. This upsetting and tragic event is even more horrifying as we learned that the animals to be kept are already being held in a filthy and extremely small confinement area in Mubarak 6 in Hurghada. Recent news, just discovered a few days ago, of this tragedy has led us to want to inform as many of you as possible of these events. The Red Sea Environmental agency HEPCA has released a letter stating that they are trying to act against this situation and even the Red Sea governorate has stated that they oppose of such doings. Attached is the letter from HEPCA.


We are truly disappointed of this information as we try to inform as many as possible against such actions. Chris is returning back to Egypt on Thursday and will see this firsthand and keep you informed. Please check back from time to time to hear of what is being done or what we can do to help stop this tragedy.


Our believes are that it’s one of the most wonderful experiences in life to see Dolphins in the wild in their natural habitat and swim with them and this is a very motivating experiences to want everyone to enjoy this. But we also know and have to respect that this can never be possible. But a dolphinarium is counterintuitive to the benefit of these wonderful creatures. If you are lucky you can enjoy it in the wild and if not please just live with it! It sounds hart but don’t let animals suffer for our desire.


Just if we avoid going to see dolphins, sharks, whales etc in captivity we can stop this tragic treatments of this amazing animals.


Thank you very much for all your support,


Chris and the Blue Waves – Ocean Window Team

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