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Renovations of our baby “Blue Waves“

Today she will go back in the water, unfortunately quite a bit tardy. To be honest part of the delay is due to renovations as we found a nasty hitchhiker buried into our hull. The small holes he makes is about 4mm in size and with a boat of 30 meters long it was a bit of luck that we found him. This marine tubeworm had buried himself into our hull and made a nice set of canals through some of the hull that we now have replaced.


Then came the turmoil. Here we received notice that material sent for replacement to Cairo never arrived or was lost in transport. Who knows really? But our diligent crew got together and worked it out so that now everything could be finished. New pictures will follow in a few days. We will inform you again soon to show off Blue Waves’ new shine.


I am excited to begin the new season with friends onboard Blue Waves. :-)

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