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Start of the Tours 2011

Wow...that was truly something else. The renovations are complete and Blue Waves shines once again from her new polish. The year we took serious action upon all the woodwork and in addition the sanitation of the fresh- and wastewater tanks, not forgetting to mention the engine room as well. . New windows, new teak floors all redone during the Winter break.

Link to the photos: http://www.bluewaves.ch/photos/dry-dock-2011/


But now we are underway with great guests, mostly repeaters and good friends. To see how fun to all was take a glance here at our island trip and many other fun photos: http://www.bluewaves.ch/photos/march-may-2011/

Even though the tourism industry it is hard presently with so few tourists but therefore we had the opportunity to dive the Thistlegorn alone; yes, alone. Not another boat in sight.


Looking forward to many more tours.


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