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Missing out

We regret to inform you that another tour on Blue Waves has finished off and if you were not on board you are just simply missing out.


The tourist industry has really fell behind on sending tourist to the Red Sea and though we feel it too, we are glad sometime to not be out diving on the crowded. At the moment the sea is experiencing still the change of Spring to Summer and all the morays are out underway searching mates and nesting grounds. The water is a bit colder than usual; only 25C. This keeps the sharks up in the sport diving range and not always fleeing in the deep to avoid the heat.


We had great dives at Daedalus island, Brothers and Sataya etc. At Daedalus a cleaner station was the main attraction, where a cleaner fish thought our ears were gills and kept trying to push his way into our brains. It was a startling but interesting experience, I must admit. The hammerheads were there with their gray reef friends as well. It was a lot of fun with great dives and really great people and like always sad when it’s over.


Check out a few pictures from June 2011 >>>

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