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Humpback Whales, Dugong …Great News

Like a truly irregular year in Egypt, with the demonstrations and a severe decline in the tourism the sea responds in a positive way. The last few weeks we have seen sharks and sharks aplenty. Oceanic white-tips which have not been seen much in the earlier part of this year are out swimming about with hammerheads following along.

An amazing sight were the two humpback whales who came to visit near Hurghada, on September 12th. An 8m long whale and a smaller believed to be her calf were cruising the Red Sea making a visit. It is not uncommon for humpbacks to swim in the Red Sea but it does not happen all that often; not even annually.

The next great and amazing gift, and this we witnessed personally, was the sighting of the Dugong on check-dive at Marsa Umm Rus this week. This large sea cow was just grazing along and greeting our divers saying “Welcome to the Red Sea.” It is always a joy to know that they are still around continuing to prosper. These Sirenians are unfortunately becoming rare sights in the Red Sea.

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