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Our lovely Peugot and Maik, our new dive guide...

Maik, Abdo, Chris and Brian
Maik, Abdo, Chris and Brian

After six months of waiting to be able to drive our car, we finally had three full days of driving. We were just headed out to meet the crew at a restaurant with Brian, Maik, Dan and myself and then we started the car. It starts just fine but the onboard computer system doesn’t work just right and just keeps blinking. The car seems to work fine so I keep on driving. On the downhill slope the computer starts blinking “Braking System Failure.” Oh, this can’t be good. I test the brakes. Still working fine. The next signal comes “Engine Failure.” The car is still running fine. We had no tachometer, no speedometer, no fuel gauge, no temperature, but the lights still worked and the car kept running as normal as it can be for this car. We get to the restaurant and turn it off. All of us agree a reboot is in order to get the computer back linked with the mechanics. Forget it. The car spent the next two days at the restaurant and we walked home showing Maik, our new dive guide, the beautiful and attractive Sheraton Street.


So I think we had better in stay in the water where it is safer.
Sunny Greetings from Chris

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