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Perfect weather, many sharks and a Harbor Party

And another week is already over! It’s hard to believe it, but when everyone is having a good time, that’s how it is.
We started our tour in Ras Trombi with two check dives and after we started the journey to Brother Islands… and it was a wild ride. Luckily, our stash of seasickness medicine is almost unlimited!

We started our day at 05:45 and the sharks were waiting for us: thresher shark, oceanic white tip, hammerhead shark, gray reef shark and all our other colorful fishes of the beautiful Red Sea!

As we already said, time flies and we were already back in Port Ghalib with the blink of an eye… but our guests were not tired at all. No, they started a huge party in Divino Restaurant at the Harbor! At first only three guests were dancing. At the end, the waiters had to move the lounges in order to make the dancefloor bigger. Like we always say: our Blue Waves guests are unique!
See you soon hopefully!

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