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Blue Waves Dream Team is back on Board!

Short before the wonderful Christmas season gets underway we have a special surprise for everyone. Many know him, many even missed him onboard and in 2016 he is back.

Dan is returning to Blue Wave!!! Completely recharged and ready to join the old Team again. Over the last year he spent time with his friends and family in Sweden, though his yearning for the Blue Waves family and its guests was still present.

We are extremely excited that he returns even if he might talk our ears off again. We missed it.

The Dream Team Abdo and Dan is reunited in all its laughter and glory.

All the fun, laughter, funny briefings and videos awaits you, above and below the waterline, next year onboard. We hope you are as excited as we are about this surprise and are looking forward to an eventful 2016.

The only thing we want to do now is to wish you and everyone around you a healthy and happy holiday season. We also wish you a great new start in 2016.

We thank every one of you for a grand 2015, all the great moments and hope for a great season in 2016. Winter greetings,

Chris, Ines and the entire Ocean Window – Blue Waves Team

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    Andi Hildebrand (Donnerstag, 07 Januar 2016 09:23)

    Ein frohes und gesundes neues Jahr wünsche ich Euch allen. Das ist echt eine tolle Nachricht, dass das Dream Team wieder zusammen ist. Ich freue mich jetzt schon auf meine diversen Wochen auf der Bluewaves :-)