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The Dugong dropped by to say “Hello”


It's been awhile since we've seen her smiling face but she showed up for a few dives and snorkels to watch on our latest tours. These lovely vulnerable marine mammals, of up to 3 meters long, are truly a sight to watch. Despite their 1,000 kg weight they are harmless and vegetarians. They live entirely off sea grass. If you're ever diving over a field of sea grass and see what seems like a dust cloud be assured a dugong is not far away.


This encounter with the lovely Dugong is just one of many highlights we had the last few tours. Every week we are on tour and experience so many breath taking moments... there is just not enough time to keep track of it and write it all in our Diary. But we will try to keep up on our memories and experiences more soon here.


See two more pictures here >>>

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