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Blue Waves cleans up - Thank you to my Crew!

While traveling along on a recent tour in the middle of the Red Sea our captain, Maher, suddenly slows the boat and stops the engines.  We were no where near our next destination and we couldn’t see any reef so everyone started to wonder what is going on.


As we watched the seamen prepare the zodiac for departure we really started to wonder. Then out in the distance we saw a white floating thing.  At that distance it could have been anything. As the zodiac approached it we saw that it was a large plastic tarp. We packed it onboard and disposed of it back at the harbor.


Blue Waves clean-up days occur actually such like this, we find something and pick it up and take it with us. So we are constantly actually doing clean up.


Plastics big or small can be a big danger by trapping animals or being swallowed. Well the huge one we found this time would at least not have been able to swallow but do other damage.


We are glad we do our part when we can.

Personaly... I am proud to have such a good Crew. :-)

Thanks to all,


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