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Blue Waves Party in Switzerland

We are starting a tradition, I think. The annual Blue Waves Party in September has gone and went and was once again a big success and a lot of fun thanks to all our friends and guests that attended. For starters we need to thank the weather for being lenient once again on us. We realize that the party has become not only a place for us to see all of you but also a great place for you to see all your dive buddies whom you maybe haven't seen since a past tour.

Thanks goes to out to all who attended and those who helped out setting up and cleaning up. Not least to be mentioned therein Fabio, Monika, Sabine, Silke, Ayman, my parents Heidi and Noldi and Gary who helped lifting those heavy tables at the end.

And now here a few photos from the event done mostly by our good friend Johnnie Moon but also from Silky and Ayman: >>> Picture Galery


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