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Get Together - Blue Waves Family and Friends 2010

This year’s party was again a great success and we hope everyone had as much fun as we did. All the guests had another chance to meet their dive buddies from prior tours and nurture their friendships. The short presentations were just enough to keep the mood in swing and complete the evening with some latest news and inspiring information. The weather was more than just pleasing and we were all very thankful for that. We want to take the chance here to say thanks to all our guests and friends for attending and add special thanks to Monika, Wendy, Thomas, Bruno, Rolf, Willi, Roger, Steffi, Ueli and Jonas for helping and keep the party on track. Last but not least a 'Thank You' to Brian for his interesting presentation.


We hope we can keep all things here rolling as usual and provide the best experiences to keep all our friends filling their lungs with our air when on the Red Sea.

Sunny Greetings from the Swiss Team Chris and Sabine