And then came Hansi ... (or the 'sexy' dives... :-))

…truly a blast two weeks long with Hans Heider from Ocra Travel ( and his guests. Have a look here below at a few pictures.

The dinner party on the upper deck, the relaxing times watching the sunsets on the front deck and everywhere a lot of fun and laughter. From so much laughter and fun we’ve forgotten to take some picutres. The muscle fatigue in our cheeks and tummies will serve as reminder. :-)


Most of all our special dives at brothers where due to an immense cloud overall in the water showing that spring fever was full underway by the corals. It was a cloud of sperm and eggs ejected by the corals at Brothers all searching the correct partner and we were right in the middle. Go little fellas, go. If only these divers wouldn’t be blocking your path. So we headed out to deeper waters, in the deep blue. Where the most of this cloudy mass was being swept away by the currents leaving for us a better visibility. Truly a sight to see.

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