Dry Dock / Rennovations Zeit 2012

Part 2 - February 2012

Another final coat of polish and shine and then our Blue Waves has finished the hard days of her renovations once again.


Soon many new shiny photos of our Blue Waves after completion will follow. Here to tide you over, are a few more photos of her during the renovation phases.


The center point of the renovation was the engine room and dive components, plus many other surprise, “Must be Fixed,” that come along as things progress. In the cabins are now new mattresses and nice and big bed sheets and blankets. Everything has been freshly painted and as always, we have made a few small detail changes to improve her look and feel. You just have to see it. :-)



Part 1 - January 2012

Our floating baby Blue Waves came out of the sea without any worries and is letting herself be prepared and pepped up for the up and coming season 2012.


Ripping out the floors to remove the generators and fuel and water storage tanks that needed some long awaited renovations captured in spectacular views.  These are just part of many renovations going to take place.

All done with our mobile phone so it just gives you a little impression how it went. Not that good of a quality but oh well... We hope you still like it. :-)